Everyone who wants to access the services of the platform must agree with the rules contained in this document. So, people who do not agree with any of the rules present in the general terms and conditions of use should not use the service.
Such a document must be accompanied by the platform's Privacy Policy.
It is important to point out that:
Privacy Policy refers to specific information on the collection, storage, and protection of personal data of users of a website or application.
General Terms and Conditions of Use serve to indicate the rules that must be respected when using the platform. That is, they inform the obligations and rights of users as well as the platform since it serves as a kind of adhesion contract.
General terms and conditions of use of the lakearenalhotel.com website
The legal entity OR individual provides the services of Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery with the following Corporate Name: SERVED.S.A. With the trade name Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery, registered in RUCunder nº3101665793 owner of the intellectual property on the website, contents, andother assets related to the Website lakearenalhotel.com
1. Of the object
The platform aims to license the use of its software, website, applications, and other intellectual property assets, providing tools to assist and streamline the daily lives of its users.
The platform is characterized by the provision of the following service: Accommodations and Services.
The platform sells the following services electronically at a distance: _ Accommodations and Services de convenience.
2. Acceptance
This Term establishes obligations contracted voluntarily, for an indefinite period, between the platform and individuals or legal entities, and users of the website.
When using the platform, the user fully accepts these rules and undertakes to observe them, at the risk of applying the applicable penalties.
Acceptance of this instrument is essential for accessing and using any services provided by the company. If you do not agree with the provisions of this instrument, the user must not use them.
3. User access
All technical solutions available to the person responsible for the platform will be used to allow access to the service 24 (twenty-four) hours a day, 7 (seven) days a week. However, navigation on the platform or any of its pages may be interrupted, limited, or suspended for updates, modifications, or any action necessary for its proper functioning.
General Terms and Conditions of Use serve to indicate the rules that must be respected when using the platform. That is, they inform the obligations and rights of users as well as the platform since it serves as a kind of adhesion contract.
4. Services or products
The platform may make available to the user a specific set of features and tools to optimize the use of services and products.
On the platform, the services offered are described and presented with the greatest degree of accuracy, containing information about their characteristics, qualities, and price, among other data.
5. Prices
The platform reserves the right to unilaterally readjust, at any time, the values of the services without consultation or prior consent of the user.
The values applied are those that are in effect at the time of booking.
Prices are indicated in USD$ and do not include fees, which are specified separately and are communicated to the user before ordering. When contracting a certain service, the platform may request the user's financial information, such as Passport / Identity Card, address, and credit card data.
By entering such data, the user agrees that the prices then in force and informed at the time of contracting will be charged, according to the form of payment that may be chosen. Said financial data may be stored to facilitate future access and contracting.
6. Cancellation
We require a non-refundable 50% deposit for all reservations made within 3 months of the arrival date. In the event of a cancellation, you can use your deposit as a credit for a period of 12 months.
7. From the support
In case of any doubt, suggestion, or problem with the use of the platform, the user can contact support, via email at info@lakearenalhotel.com OR phone: +506 2695-5050 (WhatsApp +506 8443-9198
These user support services will be available on the following days and times: Monday to Sunday from 7:00 am to 11:30 am and from 1:00 pm to 7:30 pm.
8. House Rules

It is the user's responsibility:

a) Correct use of the Hotel, the services offered, valuing good coexistence, respect, and cordiality among users;
b) by complying with and respecting the set of rules outlined in this General Terms and Conditions of Use, in the respective Privacy Policy, and national and international legislation;
c) for data protection.

It is the responsibility of the _lakearenalhotel.com_ platform:

a) indicate the characteristics of the service;
b) the defects and vices found in the service offered as long as it has given rise to it;
c) the information disclosed by him, and the comments or information disclosed by users are the sole responsibility of the users themselves;
d) the contents or illegal activities practiced through the Hotel. The platform is not responsible for external links contained in its system that may redirect the user to the external environment of its network.
External links or pages that serve commercial or advertising purposes or any illicit, violent, controversial, pornographic, xenophobic, discriminatory, or offensive information may not be included.
9. Copyright
This Term of Use grants users a non-exclusive, non-transferable, and non-sublicensable license to access and make use of the platform and the services it makes available.
Website structure, brands, logos, trade names, layouts, graphics and interface design, images, illustrations, photographs, presentations, videos, written and sound and audio content, computer programs, database, broadcast files, and any other information and intellectual property rights of the corporate name Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery, subject to the terms of the Industrial Property Law (Law No.8039), Copyright Law (Law No. 8039), are duly reserved.
These Terms of Use do not assign or transfer any rights to the user, so access does not generate any intellectual property rights for the user, except for the limited license granted herein.
The use of the platform by the user is personal, individual, and non-transferable, and any unauthorized, commercial or non-commercial use is prohibited. Such uses will constitute a violation of the intellectual property rights of the corporate name Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery, punishable under the terms of the applicable legislation.
10. Sanctions
Without prejudice to other applicable legal measures, the corporate name _Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery_ may, at any time, warn, suspend or cancel the User's RESERVATION:
a) that violates any provision of this Term;
b) that fails to fulfill its user duties;
c) that has any fraudulent, intentional behavior or that offends third parties.
11. Termination
Failure to comply with the obligations agreed in these Terms of Use or the applicable legislation may, without prior notice, lead to immediate unilateral termination by the corporate name Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery and the blocking of all services provided to the user.
12. Amendments
The items described in this instrument may be altered, unilaterally and at any time, by Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery, to adapt or modify the services, as well as to meet new legal requirements. The changes will be posted on the website _lakearenalhotel.com_ and the user will be able to choose to accept the new content or cancel the use of the services.
13. Privacy Policy
In addition to this Term, the user must consent to the provisions contained in the respective Privacy Policy to be presented to all interested parties within the platform interface.
14. From the forum
For the settlement of disputes arising from this instrument, Costarican law will be fully applied.
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