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Our brews are made with pure spring gravity water fed from the shoulders of Tenorio Volcano, imported German malted grains, American hops, and French yeast. We are very proud that all of our beer is brewed with care and powered by 100% solar PV electricity and bio-diesel. We are Costa Rica´s first eco-brewery - check out our video to learn our brew process!

Hola! Warm greetings from Costa Rica's oldest craft brewery, LAB

It's winter in North America, but we have summer temperatures here in the tropics…
Are you thirsty and ready to “get out of Dodge” in the new year? From one brewery to another, come share in the sun, beer and fun! We would love to help you plan the perfect mix of jungle, beach, and adventure - and share beer knowledge and experience - while floating on great beer and food!
LAB originated in 1998 and has been operating on a steam-heated 4-barrel system since 2011. Our 8 “always-on-tap” beers are made with pure spring water and the finest imported ingredients; we are very proud that all of our beer is brewed with care and powered by 100% solar PV electricity and bio-diesel. This makes us Central America's premier environmentally friendly regional brewery, selling keg beer in some of Costa Rica's top beach and volcano towns.
Bring the family, honeymoon, or anything in between - Costa Rica has lots to offer everyone and we’ve got youbeer fans covered! With our 30 years of destination tourism experience, and our great beer contacts, we can provide an excellent vacation locally and in a litany of other popular destinations. Check us out on our website so you can see the scenic area where we are located and start planning your tropical vacation!
Thank you, and we appreciate you sharing this email and flyer with other beer lovers and others! On behalf of the LAB team, we hope to meet you soon – pura vida!
Veronica Herrera, General Hotel Manager
Jean Paul Cazedessus, Brewery Founder

Our Brews

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As the nation’s first and most well-regarded artisanal brewery, we offer a wide range of ales, from our take on a classic Pale Ale all the way to our innovative Chili Beer. Here, visitors can sit back with their personal favorite of our artisanal beer selection, have a delicious meal, and feel the sounds of the jungle wash over them as they fall into the natural beauty of wild Costa Rica.
We were the fortunate recipients of German brewing equipment in the 90s, which has given us the chance to rise to the top of the Costa Rican artisanal beer industry. We use only the freshest ingredients in our ales, including spring water straight from the nearby Tenorio Volcano, malted grains imported from Belgium, hops from America, and yeast from France. Our brewery is powered entirely by renewable rooftop solar electricity and biodiesel

Public Service IPA

This India Pale Ale is double dry hopped with lots of Citra, Chinook and Mosaic hops. Named after the owner´s deep respect for Costa Rica´s public services. It is also a tangible manifestation of our support of the government´s 1948 replacement of its army with education, health care, renewable energy and environmental stewardship. We too, push forward.

ABV 6% IBU 14


Paradise Pale Ale

This classic American Pale Ale is a LAB version of the Sierra Nevada classic with notes of sweetness, citrus, and a floral finish extracted from Nelson, Centennial and Cascade hops. It's distinct hoppy flavor makes it the house favorite and as Jean Paul says, "It's the reason I have a brewery!"

ABV 5.5% IBU 30


Chili Birra

A hat-tip to the national rage of "chili guaro", this style is made with a classic blonde ale base instead of a sugar cane based alcohol. We add campana chilis from our farm at a carefully prepared dosage to achieve just the right blend of blonde ale flavor with a spicy kick. You won't be able to drink just one...

ABV 4.6% IBU 14


Black Ash Nitro Stout

This stout is smooth and sweet, designed to be a tropical stout that doesn´t need a cold climate to be appreciated. Named after the rich volcanic soil on our farm, it is brewed with roasted malt, coffee, and cacao. It´s also Costa Rica´s first nitrogen gas infused ale, made extra creamy by its tiny bubbles

ABV 7% IBU 8


Jungle Dunkel

This dunkelweizen was our first ever dark beer! It is brewed with deliciously complex malts, no bitterness and a touch of sweetness. It has a pleasant smooth finish.

ABV 5% IBU 14


Lava Red Ale

Red ale style beer brewed with caramelized malts, which add to the rich red color and is an excellent introduction to malt foward beer style. As our newest in the LAB line-up, it is our latest push for a greater variety of classic and innovative ales.

ABV 5.5% IBU 14

ber pina

Piña Blonde

Our refreshing blonde ale, infused with delicious organic Guanacaste pineapples, is Costa Rica's first fruit beer and one of our most popular. Due to its unique profile, there is insatiable demand and you will always find it on tap.

ABV 4.6% IBU 14

Sustainable Practices

You are welcome to visit us!

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