Initial Feels, by Rii

I can’t believe I’ve only been here for one day. As I look around this room, the faces already feel so familiar. To think I’ve lived 25 years on this planet and haven’t yet seen this view?! Time passes quickly, and yet is still; slowly. The day somehow flies and yet as I meet so many new faces, taste a variety of new beers (as a usual beer skeptic, it says a lot) and have countless conversations over the most delicious nachos it feels as though weeks have passed. As the day comes to an end I already feel nostalgic of the moments that have come and gone, yet still excited for the ones I know are to come in the near future. The holidays are here and instead of feeling sad to not be around family, I feel lucky to be with so many new fantastic people, in this magical setting. 

I came with my camera in one hand, and my guitar in the other. I can only hope to capture the energy and ever present pura vida love, the endless landscape, the surrounding lake and the memories that live along side it all. Although nothing feels as genuine and authentic as when you’re living it, I will do my best to breathe it all in slowly, capture as many smiles as I can, write lyrics that sing softly with the passing breeze, and allow the things that universe gifts me a space forgiving and accepting enough to openly receive it all. 

Headsup: boring weather talk for a hot second. Only because it’s been almost as bipolar as I’ve been feeling and I’m not mad about it? Something about the rain (uvia as I learned yesterday from Tia) is putting my heart in what seems to be the right place. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some golden sunshine. Something about the rain however that forces you to turn inward. To talk to the parts of yourself that you would normally avoid if you were tanning by the pool. 

I have yet to explore here much, but I know I’ll eventually head out to the nearby trails – to find myself perhaps amidst the exotic animals that JP keeps pointing out. Is it terrible that I’m ok if I never meet any of them? Call me naive or afraid, but coming face to face with a wild jaguar isn’t something I’d particularly look forward to. Just hearing the howling monkeys all night has given me my complete fill of all the wild animal exposure my soul can take I think. For now at least, who knows what’s next…


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