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Libano Waterfall

The Libano Waterfall is a beautiful and accessible waterfall about 13.5km (8.5 miles) from Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery. Located on a nature preserve, the waterfall is accessible on foot by a short hike from the parking lot. The preserve has many other adventurous options available as well, including the chance to rappel down the falls, hike around the area, and get your nature fix by camping and helping out in the park. Visitors to the falls will experience beautiful cascading water amidst Costa Rica’s signature lush green jungle.
One can visit the main waterfall and continue up the path should they want to and discover other smaller falls as well. At the foot of the first fall, it is possible to swim, hang out, and enjoy the luxurious surroundings.
As you will be walking over multiple types of terrain, be sure to wear comfortable shoes that you are also okay getting wet. It’s recommended you wear a swimsuit underneath hiking clothes, so you have the option of swimming in the pools. If you have a dry bag or a rain cover, it’s a good idea to bring it so your belongings don’t get wet underneath the waterfall spray or in case of rain. Be vigilant about your belongings and don’t leave your bag unattended while swimming or hiking!

Viento fresco waterfalls

Costa Rica is known for its breathtaking natural water features, and las cascadas de Viento Fresco (The Cool Breeze Waterfalls) are no exception. This series of 4 beautiful cascades is nestled in the verdant hills between Monteverde and Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery.
The Viento Fresco Waterfalls are a scenic set of four waterfalls: Serena River Waterfall (102 ft), Hidden Waterfall (66 ft), Rainbow Waterfall (274 ft), and Slide Waterfall (312 ft).
These waterfalls are connected by a series of paths and steps up and down small hills and through the jungle. The trail can be slippery, so wear shoes with good grip that you don’t mind getting muddy.
Each of the falls boasts its own unique beauty; we recommend walking the whole trail to experience all of them, especially because there are swimming holes (with changing rooms) at each one.
This excursion will bring delight to adventurers of all ages. And when you’re all waterfalled out, you can return to Lake Arenal Hotel for a delicious meal and a comfortable night’s sleep.
To visit this destination, drive 7 miles (11 km) from Tilarán — about 30 minutes. You will see signs for the office/restaurant and falls right off the main road (Route 145). The entrance fee is $17 for foreigners and €3000 for nationals. The road is bumpy — if you’re driving your own car, a 4×4 with high clearance is recommended.

Safari Corobici & Pumas Rescue

The name “safari” may bring to mind a desert tour for most, but the Safari Corobici is here to challenge that notion. As a river rafting trip, this is a gentle excursion that offers two hours of calm meandering down the Corobici River. This is a family-friendly adventure complete with snacks and refreshments. Visitors will be awed by the wildlife that you can see along the river, including crocodiles, tropical birds, iguanas, lizards, howler monkeys, and much more. The guides are knowledgeable and friendly, and will ensure your journey down the river is a safe and pleasant one.
In order to visit the Safari Corobici, you must travel 19.5km (12 miles) from Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery. Prices may vary depending on your choice of tour.
The Puma Rescue in Cañas (Centro de Rescate Las Pumas) is one of the top attractions in all of Costa Rica. Pumas are brought here who have been found in unsafe or unhealthy conditions, and they get to rest, rehabilitate, and play until they are healthy enough to be released into the wild once more. Veterinarians are employed to ensure the animals are cared for properly and are released as soon as they are able to be. The Rescue center also has a delicious restaurant on site, making it an ideal place to spend your day. Visitors may also see other wildlife in residence, such as iguanas, monkeys, agouti, and more. This is a family-friendly experience that all ages will love!
Prices are: $15 USD or 8800 CRC for one adult, $10 USD or 6000 CRC for one senior

Cerro Pelado

The Many Ways to Explore Cerro Pelado
Cerro Pelado is an extinct volcano located 27 miles (44 km) from Lake Arenal Hotel. This volcano is a host to a variety of exciting adventures: it is popular to summit the volcano for sunrise or sunset, and watch the colors streak across the sky and the lush landscape below. Summiting the mountain is about a 2 hour endeavor, but you can stop at any time and enjoy the panoramic views. The trail can be windy and steep at points, but is suitable for hikers of all skill levels.
You can also experience the volcano by rappelling down the waterfalls that cascade down its side. This adventure is not for the faint of heart: a medium to high fitness level is recommended for participation.
This adventure includes rappelling and canyoneering down and around the waterfalls, and also ziplining! This is an all day excursion in which you will push your boundaries while experiencing Costa Rica in a new way, all the while witnessing the abundance of flora and fauna that grow in this humid microclimate.
For more information and to book your tour tour, visit Cerro Pelado is a 1.5 hour drive from Lake Arenal Hotel, located off Route 1.

Tilawa Jungle Trails

Enjoy the wonders that our rainforest has to offer! Take 1 hour of our private trails where you can observe incredible birds and animals in their natural habitat. The vegetation and local fungi will be impressive to observe too. $5 per person entrance fee.


Massage with La Tia

Marilena, known to everyone as La Tia, is a Guatemalan woman who has lived and worked for more than 12 years with us. She loves to transmit her good vibes and love through her incredible massages. $25 per one hour.

Craft Beer Tour

Tour Costa Rica;s first sustainable brewery! Learn about the initiatives, the process and how the dream became reality with the owner Jean Paul. Cap it off with a tasting of our eight tasty craft beers. $25 per person.

Electric Bike Tour

Have you dreamed of exploring around the Lake Arenal like a professional cyclist? Now is your chance!
Join us on an electric bike tour which can suit your speed – ease up a steep hill or cruise along with electrical assistance geared to your personal enjoyment!

Horseback Riding

Our love for animals and the environment is combined in this exclusive tour. You will learn how to interact with your horse before traversing the mountains of Tronadora together. You can’t beat the panoramic view of the biological corridor and Arenal Lake on horseback.

Bird Watching

Bird lovers (and anyone interested) – come join our avian expert to learn about the beautiful birds who inhabit our local region and capture them with special photo ops!

Sunset Sailing Tour

From the vantage point of a sailboat, kick back with a guided tour and a tranquil evening on Lake Arenal at sunset.

Canopy Zip-Line Nuevo Arenal

Experience the amazing rainforest from the top of the trees. Ride the wave of excitement from 8 different platforms as you fly through the sky with speed!


You have the opportunity to explore Lake Arenal like a real maleku. Our guided kayak or paddle board tour will take you to explore the beautiful Lake Arenal, visit Santa Elena Island, and learn a little about the Malekus Tribe.


Costa Rica is generally a very safe country, but as when you travel to anywhere else, you should exercise caution. Here are some tips for how to ensure your time in Costa Rica is safe, healthy, and enjoyable.


Tap water is safe to drink in most places, but it’s always a good idea to ask in hotels and restaurants. If your stomach is sensitive, make sure to mention you’d prefer bottled water whenever possible.
Sunscreen is your friend! Make sure you bring good quality sunscreen on your trip, and make sure it’s reef-safe – since Costa Rica is a country that focuses on sustainability and being eco-friendly, as a visitor, it’s the polite thing to be conscious of that as well. The best reef-safe sunscreens are mineral-based: look for the active ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.
Mosquitos are common, so pack a bottle of insect repellant as well.


As with anywhere you travel, be careful with your belongings. Don’t leave your valuables alone and don’t leave your bag somewhere without someone watching it (especially when there are monkeys around!).
Make sure you keep track of your passport and travel documents.


When using an ATM, make sure it is one attached to a bank. This way you won’t end up being charged exorbitant fees or getting scammed with bad exchange rates.
Speaking of exchange rates, it’s a good idea to keep track of its fluctuation as you travel. Many places accept USD as well as CRC, so carry some of both in cash.
Most places, especially smaller stores or tourist attractions, prefer cash. Have it on hand just in case.
It is kind to tip a small amount (maybe $2 USD) to those who help you along your trip, like shuttle/bus attendants and tour guides, but tipping in restaurants is not customary as many establishments add it in to your bill ahead of time.


Costa Rica is a largely rainforest-covered country. Expect at least some rain every day, with larger downpours during the rainy season. Bring rain gear and clothes that dry easily!
Bring shoes that you don’t mind getting muddy and a little dirty. It’s good to have multiple pairs in case you wear one on a hike in the jungle and they end up damp.
Your time in Costa Rica will be filled with fun and adventure. Enjoy!

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