The Hotel

The Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery was built 30 years ago, with a vision to create a hub for socializing, relaxing, and enjoying the enchanting views of the lake.
The hotel is set apart by its distinctive features, including red columns and sprawling gardens. Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery was fashioned after the Knossos Palace in Greece, of King Midas fame. The palace is touted as being part of the oldest European city, in what is now Crete. By modeling our hotel after this symbol of luxury and splendor, we set the tone for your comfortable experience. Ornate paintings and walls of bright, inviting colors such as green and yellow set the Lake Arenal Hotel apart and add a unique Costa Rican flair. All the paints that illuminate our walls and ceilings are ochre, made of natural pigments native to this area. A stay here is a stay like no other!

Lake Arenal Hotel & Brewery

As the nation’s first and most well-regarded artisanal brewery, we offer a wide range of ales, from our take on a classic Pale Ale all the way to our innovative Chili Beer. Here, visitors can sit back with their personal favorite of our artisanal beer selection, have a delicious meal, and feel the sounds of the jungle wash over them as they fall into the natural beauty of wild Costa Rica.
We were the fortunate recipients of German brewing equipment in the 90s, which has given us the chance to rise to the top of the Costa Rican artisanal beer industry. We use only the freshest ingredients in our ales, including spring water straight from the nearby Tenorio Volcano, malted grains imported from Belgium, hops from America, and yeast from France. Our brewery is powered entirely by renewable rooftop solar electricity and biodiesel.

Pub & Restaurant

Here at Lake Arenal Hotel and Brewery, we have a commitment to healthy, fresh food. The hotel grounds include a 15-acre organic farm, which supplies as much as possible of the ingredients for the delicious food in our restaurant, including freshly made milk and cheese from our cows. Our menu includes classic Costa Rican options, such as the typical mixed plate known as a casado, as well as our take on comforting, nutritious dishes from around the world. We are accommodating to all dietary restrictions and preferences. There’s something for everyone!

Tours & Activities

Safari Corobici & Pumas Rescue

Viento fresco waterfalls

Bird Watching

Sunset Sailing Tour

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